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2920 Poster presentation Issues and concerns in the automatic generation of vocabulary training and testing items
Ralph Rose
2922 Forum Exploring Creative Play in the Classroom: Innovative approaches to Learner Development
Tim Cleminson / Ellen Head / Cassie Guevara et al.
2924 Paper presentation The implementation of electronic European Language Portfolio (eELP) in a university English class and the effect on Learner Autonomy
Omura Takanori 大村孝紀
2935 Paper presentation There Is More to Gaming That Meets the Eye: When Fan Translation of Games Leads to Language Learning
Boris Vazquez-Calvo
2943 Show & Tell presentation Introduction to Words & Monsters - an Adaptive Smart Game
Guy Cihi
2948 Keynote Spielend Lernen  Spielend Lehren: Games in TEFL and TEFL teacher education
Judith Buendgens-Kosten
3030 Poster presentation Where do I find the voices? Free Text-to-Speech online recording
Bob Gettings
3031 Paper presentation Gamification and memes for grammar learning purposes: A cross-curricular experience
Mª del Mar Suárez Vilagran / Ferran Gesa / Neus Frigole Pujol
3037 Paper presentation Helping Students to Overcome Bottom-Up Listening Challenges through Voice of America Quizzes, Songs and Reaction Papers
M Yamauchi
3041 Show & Tell presentation Adventures in creating a "choose your own adventure" game for academic English
Suzan Stamper / Mansurbek Kushnazarov / Delian Gaskell
3043 Paper presentation Learning games as tools for learning and assessment in higher education
Lenka Garshol
3045 Show & Tell presentation Developing an Immersive Role-playing Game to improve English Communication and Cultural Awareness
Peter Clynes
3046 Paper presentation The effects and implications of using a tablet to practice writing kanji
Bradford J. Lee
3050 Show & Tell presentation Practicing conversation strategies with student customizable Neural-Network Artificial Intelligence conversation partners
Andria Lorentzen / Euan Bonner
3051 Paper presentation Unpacking Turkish EFL instructors' Challenges and coping Strategies for E- Assessment
Kaveh Jalilzadeh / Azra Tj
3057 Show & Tell presentation A Framework for Syntax Acquisition in CALL
Spencer Hanlin
3061 Show & Tell presentation A Role-Playing Game-Based English For Academic Purposes Course Design
Kelly Donovan
3062 Paper presentation Evaluation of a VR language learning system: Effect of feedback on learners' flow state
3064 Paper presentation Effective, but too enjoyable? Japanese university students' attitudes towards digital game-based language learning
Michael Hofmeyr
3066 Paper presentation Developing and piloting an application for measuring real-time learner engagement levels in foreign language classrooms.
Euan Bonner / Samuel GODIN / Kevin Garvey
3068 Paper presentation Using Free Online Technology to Improve English Ability: Extensive Reading through MReader to Encourage Autonomous Learning
Adam Crosby
3070 Paper presentation Ready, set…? End-user testing of an AR treasure hunt learning game
Samuel Taylor
3073 Paper presentation Tackling linguistic difficulty through serious games
Matthew Pattemore
3078 Show & Tell presentation Encouraging out-of-class speaking practice with a 30-day challenge
Elton LaClare
3079 Show & Tell presentation Collaborative Video Project on Japanese Culture and Zoom Presentation via Flipgrid
Kazunori Nozawa
3081 Paper presentation The GIGA School Program Year 1: Teacher and Student Perspectives Regarding the Implementation of One-to-One Devices in English Lessons
Steven Lim
3082 Paper presentation From asynchronous online to flipped learning: Design principles and implementation
Elizabeth Lavolette / Mayumi Asaba
3089 Show & Tell presentation The Four Pillars of Team-Based Learning (TBL): Where Does CALL Fit In?
Brent Jones
3091 Show & Tell presentation ESL Speed Readings: the app
TJ Boutorwick
3092 Workshop Playful coding tasks: computational thinking makes its way to the language classroom
Vicky Saumell
3266 Paper presentation The METI EdTech Project: Observation of a Learner's 'Engagement' and 'Motivation'
Japan Support EnglishCentral / Camille Loyola