Show & Tell presentation

Collaborative Video Project on Japanese Culture and Zoom Presentation via Flipgrid

Sat, Jun 18, 14:45-15:15 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Zoom C

The rapid development and increased availability of ICT tools have provided both learners and teachers with new insights and challenges into language learning and teaching. By using ICT tools in education, so many research results in Technology-Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) have shown that TELL is an effective approach that helps students and teachers to achieve certain educational goals while creating great opportunities for collaborative interaction, situated learning, and support for learning outside formal contexts. As a TELL practitioner, the presenter has actively used a variety of digital tools and free online resources for both EFL teaching and general education seminars in a hybrid style. In this presentation, I will discuss the pros and cons of individual (short-term) or small-group (semester-long) collaborative video projects. The project content engaged learners in thinking about Japanese culture, with a focus on snacks and/or drinks. Tools used included Zoom presentations, Flipgrid and Google Forms during the 2020-2021 academic years. I will share my experiences of implementing these tools in and beyond the classroom context. I will share data from post-project questionnaires and student work in the form of videos that were chosen from the final products in 2020-2021 classes. These videos will be used as examples of the positive and negative aspects of this video project. I will also clarify the reason why this project was largely unsuccessful and propose a possible solution for future implementation.

  • Kazunori Nozawa

    Kazunori Nozawa is a Professor Emeritus and a part-time lecturer at Ritsumeikan University, Japan. He has taught EFL, Educational Technology, and Intercultural Communication. His research interests are CALL and Nonverbal Communication. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator, GSE Thought Leader, and Kahoot Verified Educator. He was the Co-founder of JALT CALL SIG. He has been the Editor-in-Chief of CALL-EJ since 1999.