Show & Tell presentation

The Four Pillars of Team-Based Learning (TBL): Where Does CALL Fit In?

Sun, Jun 19, 16:00-16:30 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Zoom F

This short talk centers around how common Google products (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Sites) and other online tools are being used to facilitate and enhance a TBL approach to content and language integrated learning (CLIL) at the tertiary level in Japan. TBL has been found to bolster both content and language knowledge and skills in this context, while at the same time increasing learner engagement. The talk starts with a short introduction to the four pillars of (1) strategically organized teams, (2) readiness assurance tests, (3) application of foundational knowledge, and (4) peer assessment. This will be followed by examples of how the digital tools have been used to facilitate collaboration, peer and teacher feedback, content delivery, and learning assessment in both online and face-to-face versions of two CLIL courses: one a large intercultural understanding and communication course, and the other a project-based learning course dealing with the beer industry. The talk concludes with initial findings from a mixed-methods action research project focused on learner engagement and the basic psychological needs of competence, autonomy and relatedness described in self-determination theory.

  • Brent Jones

    Brent A. Jones is currently the Director of Language Programs at Konan University, Hirao School of Management, where since 2009 he has helped develop a content and language integrated (CLIL) program. His major research interests are L2 learning motivation and engagement, instructional technology, instructional design, CLIL, curriculum and materials development, genre approaches to second language reading and writing, and extensive reading. He completed his Educational Doctorate through the Institute of Education at the University of Reading.