Join us online for JALTCALL2022! June 17th -19th. Friday - Sunday

🧙 Keynote speakers

  • Judith Buendgens-Kosten
  • Jonathan deHaan

💁 About the theme

Taking inspiration from Zimmerman’s manifesto which proposed the 21st century is the “ludic century,” the focus of the 2022 conference is “Playful CALL” which we interpret as the exploration of play, games, and other ludic approaches to CALL research and practice.

While proposals will be accepted from a broad range of disciplinary areas and perspectives related to CALL research, the selection will prioritize the intersection of research, pedagogy, and praxis in relation to the conference theme. Submissions may consider (but are not restricted to) the following subthemes:

▸ Access, equality, diversity and inclusion

▸ Assessment

▸ Materials design

▸ Language policy

▸ Pedagogical innovation

▸ Playful approaches to research, teaching, teacher training and materials development

▸ Professional development

▸ Youth culture and practices in L2 teaching

Additional, gaming-specific topics for consideration:

▸ Designing educational games vs utilizing commercial games

▸ Diversity and representation

▸ Extramural play

▸ Games and pedagogy

▸ Gamification

▸ Gaming critically and critically gaming

▸ Gaming culture and L2 teaching (Streaming, machinima, fanfiction, modding, remixing, social media)

▸ Playing to learn vs learning to play

▸ Teacher and student agency

▸ Terminology (game-based, game-informed, ludic, playful, gameful, etc.)

▸ The future of games in CALL research (MVAR, research-practice divide, technology normalization, etc.)

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