Sat, Jun 18, 17:45-18:15 Asia/Tokyo

Location: Main (Zoom)

Open questions for consideration:

- What is game-based learning?

- What is gamification?

- What do we know about games and gamification in language teaching?

- Who is researching or teaching with games and play?

- Why be ludic?

- What are the hurdles to ludic teaching?

  • James York

    Editor in Chief of Ludic Language Pedagogy https://llpjournal.org/ || Senior Assistant Professor @ Meiji University || #games and #language || #taiko #日本語 #PETSCII

  • Fred Poole

    I am an Assistant Professor in the Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching program at Michigan State University. I received my Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences in the College of Education at Utah State University in 2020. I also earned a Master of Second Language Teaching Degree in 2015. My research investigates the implementation of technology for improving and assessing second language literacy skills and the effect of well-designed games on second language learning, teaching, and classroom dynamics.

Questions driving the roundtable:

  • What matters?
  • So what?