Bradley Irwin

Nihon University College of International Relations


Over the last twenty years I’ve taught in Canada, France, and Japan. At present, I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Liberal Arts at Nihon University College of International Relations. I have written extensively about corrective and formative feedback practices and innovative approaches to technology use in language learning. My other research interests include critical literacies, language learner identity, autonomous learning, and computer assisted language learning. When I’m not thinking about education, I’m usually thinking about waves or snow. I enjoy surfing and snowboarding in my free time.


Show & Tell presentation Exploring the role of interactive fiction creation on writing motivation more

Sat, Jun 18, 10:45-11:15 Asia/Tokyo

Motivating our students to write in English can be challenging. This presentation will describe a Project Based Learning (PBL) task focused on student-made interactive fiction (also called gamebooks) using Google Slides. The findings of a case study conducted with 48 first-year university students showing increases in time-on-task, engagement, and motivation will be discussed. In particular, it was found that students' motivation to write in English greatly increased as a result of the project. As well, the presenter will explain the creative process of organizing a gamebook using storyboards and flowcharts (which can be created offline) and the benefits of using Google Slides to facilitate collaboration and content sharing. This presentation will be of particular interest to language educators looking for a creative way to motivate students to produce meaningful and enjoyable English compositions.

Bradley Irwin