Phil Nguyen


JALT Zoom Room Host Supervisor (JALT CenCOM) // JALT Webinar Plenary Team Lead // JALT PanSIG2022 Conference Treasurer // JALT Niigata Chapter Treasurer // Full-time instructor, Moodle Site Administrator, Google Administrator & ICT/Zoom Coordinator at 敬和学園大学.


Show & Tell presentation A Study on Implementing Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) into the Classroom more

Sun, Jun 19, 10:45-11:15 Asia/Tokyo

A learning management system (LMS) provides features that support learning activities, for example, on-demand discussions, supplemental textbook modules, quizzes and exams, interactive elements, both available either online or offline. Initially, the idea of augmenting an LMS into a classroom was fixated on complementing course materials to students for easy access (Lyashenko & Frolova, 2013); however, it became evident after COVID-19 that an effective system needed to be in place (Blinov & Esenina, 2020). A sound LMS requires good planning and execution that is well-organized to distribute learning objectives and resources thoroughly. The shift from face-to-face instruction to online learning requires that the classroom environment also be digitized to aid in the instruction and support of teachers. While there are many different academic LMS software available for end-users, this presentation will focus on the learning management system Moodle, its standard features that have helped support the presenter's classroom both face-to-face and online remote learning, its advantages and improvement over other comparable systems, and some of the challenges that are presented. Finally, monitoring the future of Moodle and e-Learning systems beyond COVID-19 will be discussed. It is the presenter's hope that participants can find LMS software as a long-term valuable augmentation to their classrooms, both in-person and online.

Phil Nguyen