Todd Beuckens

APU Ritsumeikan


I am an English teacher based in Japan and the creator of several online listening resources, such as I am interested in creating listening tasks in new and innovative ways.


Workshop New Ways to Teach Listening Online more

Fri, Jun 17, 18:00-19:15 Asia/Tokyo

With classes now switching between online environments and face-to-face settings, teachers need a variety of activities that work in both situations. This presentation will show how to create interactive listening activities that can be used as paper and digital activities and can be used online or in class. Attendees will get a hands on approach on how to create their own activities and also access 100s of free audio materials online. Attendees can also learn how to adapt materials to fit their teaching needs. The presentation will focus on using Google Slides, Google Forms, and Microsoft PowerPoint for creating engaging listening tasks and puzzles that can work on a variety of listening skills. Teachers will also learn how to create task templates that make creating new activities easy and efficient. Some emphasis will also be given to creating listening activities for mobile devices. Finally, the presentation will give some insight to successful task design, and how to make tasks fun and intuitive.

Todd Beuckens