Oliver Rose

Kwansei Gakuin University


Originally from Australia, Oliver Rose has taught EFL in Japan for 18 years and currently teaches at Kwansei Gakuin University in Hyogo, Japan. His special interests are in TELL (Technology Enhanced Language Learning) and materials design, especially for providing intensive productive language practice. He can be contacted at oliverrose@kwansei.ac.jp


Show & Tell presentation Quiz Students on Words and Phrases with the Lingolab Sites more

Sat, Jun 18, 15:30-16:00 Asia/Tokyo

In this presentation there will be interactive demonstrations of the three free LingoLab web apps. The LingoLab activity itself involves learners being shown a text/audio/picture prompt and learners respond by forming the target word or phrase in one of three response modes with differing levels of productive ability required: ‘Shown words’ mode, ‘Hidden letters’ mode, and ‘Stellar speller’ mode. Attendees of this session will learn how they can use the lingoLab activity to provide their students with word and phrase-level practice in the following sites: a) www.lingolab.co (for self-study practice with progress tracking & sharing functions); b) www.lingolab.online (for a one-time quiz which reports all results to a teacher); c) www.lingolab.live (for an in-class real-time multiplayer quiz game).

Oliver Rose